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Disclosure Check Certificates and Coronavirus

Disclosure Certificates and Coronavirus

In just a few weeks, our way of life in the UK has been turned upside-down. Coronavirus or Covid-19 has sparked the biggest health emergency in a century. We’re all doing the right things by staying at home, and limiting contact with others.

Basic Disclosure Check for Retail Work?

Basic Disclosure Check for Retail Work?

If 2020 is all about getting a new job for you, then one of the main areas to look at is the retail sector. Although the British High Street has been struggling recently, retail is still a great option for people wanting part-time, flexible work.

DBS Certificate - What Happens To It?

DBS Certificate – What Happens To It?

Getting your DBS certificate is the final stage in the disclosure process. It’s an important piece of paper. Getting your certificate in the post means filling in the application form, proving who you are, and allowing the DBS to do their checks.

DBS Checks and Age Limits

DBS Checks and Age Limits

It sounds like a very simple question. How do you define a child? Legally though, there is no straightforward answer. In England, children over the age of 10 have criminal responsibility, meaning they can be prosecuted if they commit a crime.