Can I Get a DBS Check at the Post Office?

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Can I Get a DBS Check at the Post Office?

Where would be be without the post office? It’s the centre of so many communities, and in times gone by we did everything from picking up pensions to taxing the car there. But times change. Car tax is done online. Pensions and benefits are paid straight into your bank account. Even passport applications are now mostly done online rather than by filling in a paper form. So what about a DBS check? Can you get those done at the Post Office too?

DBS Check Application Process

Unfortunately, there’s no straightforward answer to questions about applying for DBS checks at the Post Office. There are parts of the process which could potentially involve the Post Office, others which don’t. It’s probably easiest if we take it step by step.

Application Form

Applying for a disclosure check always starts with an application form. This is something the Post Office can’t help with. There will not be a stock of forms behind the counter for you to pick up. The easiest way to get the form is to go online. Access the DBS website at any time of day and night, stop and start when you have time and get advice about which fields to complete. If you don’t want to fill in the form online, then the alternative is to call the helpline and ask them to send you one.

Identity Verification

The second step in getting your certificate is an identity check. The idea behind this is making sure that the person presenting themselves for a check is who they say they are. There is a long list of documents which you can present. This includes things like passport, driving licence, bank statements or credit card bills. These documents should be checked by someone in a position of responsibility.

If you’re applying for a disclosure in connection with a job, your employer will have someone who will do this role. If you’re applying for a basic disclosure, or if your employer doesn’t have anyone suitable, then you may choose to turn to the Post Office. The service is most commonly used by people who are applying through the Care Quality Commission (CQC) for a DBS check to work in the ambulance service, care home or other healthcare setting. The Post Office charge for verifying identity. The current fee is £17.50, but this is liable to change. You’ll pay this in addition to the cost of the disclosure check itself.

To complicate matters even further, the Post Office also offers an identity verification service for people applying for basic disclosures. Part of this process is verifying your identity through the government portal. There are several companies approved to do these checks, and one of them is the Post Office. It’s not the only company though, and you’re free to choose the service which suits you best.

The Post Office does have one final role to play in DBS Checks. All certificates are sent out in the post, never electronically. So it will be your friendly local postie who delivers your DBS certificate.