Reasons why having an unusual name is a good thing

Do you have an unusual name which people often remark on? Gone are the days when every baby born was called William, John, Mary or Elizabeth. 21st parents are much more adventurous when it comes to naming their offspring. A recently released list of baby names given to newborns in Scotland in 2018 revealed some […]

Proving Academic Qualifications – Why do Employers Ask?

Getting a new job can seem like an endless paperwork process these days. Employers can do a wide range of checks on applicants. Some of these, such as the “right to work” checks, are a legal requirement. Similarly, if you’re applying for work in healthcare or with children, you’ll know you have to apply for […]

Basic Disclosure Checks and Documentation

It’s a common misconception that applying for basic disclosure checks is a hassle. It’s certainly true that there’s some admin and paperwork involved. But it doesn’t have to be incredibly time consuming. One of the aspects which causes concern is evidence and proof of identity. It doesn’t have to be complicated, as long as you […]

Can I Get a DBS Check at the Post Office?

Where would be be without the post office? It’s the centre of so many communities, and in times gone by we did everything from picking up pensions to taxing the car there. But times change. Car tax is done online. Pensions and benefits are paid straight into your bank account. Even passport applications are now […]

DBS Checks and Age Limits

It sounds like a very simple question. How do you define a child? Legally though, there is no straightforward answer. In England, children over the age of 10 have criminal responsibility, meaning they can be prosecuted if they commit a crime. In Scotland, the age of criminal responsibility is 12. Or does a child become […]

Levels of DBS Checks Explained

It’s natural to feel some degree of confusion over the different levels of DBS checks. For a start, the system has changed name over the years. We used to talk about Criminal Records Bureau, or CRB checks. Now it’s the Disclosure and Barring Service. To complicate matters further, there are different systems with separate names […]

Do You Really Know Who You’re Employing?

It’s human nature to want to believe the best of people. We don’t like to think that people might lie to us, or exaggerate their qualifications or experience. But when you’re in the position of making decisions about employing people, then there are lots of things you can do to check up on the backgrounds […] © 2019