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Disclosure Check Certificates and Coronavirus

Disclosure Certificates and Coronavirus

In just a few weeks, our way of life in the UK has been turned upside-down. Coronavirus or Covid-19 has sparked the biggest health emergency in a century. We’re all doing the right things by staying at home, and limiting contact with others.

Basic DBS Checks - outsourcing?

Basic DBS Checks – outsourcing?

Every month, thousands of companies across the UK submit DBS checks. Some are for employees working in jobs where a DBS check is a legal requirement, like teaching or nursing. Other companies have a blanket policy of checking.

Basic Disclosure Check for Retail Work?

Basic Disclosure Check for Retail Work?

If 2020 is all about getting a new job for you, then one of the main areas to look at is the retail sector. Although the British High Street has been struggling recently, retail is still a great option for people wanting part-time, flexible work.

DBS Certificate - What Happens To It?

DBS Certificate – What Happens To It?

Getting your DBS certificate is the final stage in the disclosure process. It’s an important piece of paper. Getting your certificate in the post means filling in the application form, proving who you are, and allowing the DBS to do their checks.

Basic Disclosure Checks in Wales – All change?

Basic Disclosure Checks in Wales – All change?

Welsh is thriving, with around 20% of the nation’s population being able to comfortably hold a conversation in the language. Anyone who’s been to Wales recently will be familiar with dual English and Welsh language signs too.

Identification Documents - I don't have any!

Identification Documents – I don’t have any!

Each and every day, hundreds of us submit our applications. And usually, things progress very smoothly. Fill in the application form, prove your identity and address, then just sit back and wait for the certificate to arrive in the post.

Working Online and DBS Checks

Working Online and DBS Checks

There are obvious benefits to not having a daily commute. Most online workers are attracted by the flexibility. But if you’ve considered an online, or virtual occupation, what happens with DBS checks?

Handling DBS Certificate Data

Handling DBS Certificate Data

Starting a new job means handing over a lot of private information to your employer. They might want to take a copy of your passport to make sure you’re working legally. Payroll will need your NI number and bank details.

Criminal Record - are some jobs barred?

Criminal Record – are some jobs barred?

If you’ve got a criminal record, you’re not alone. Hundreds of thousands of people across the UK have some sort of minor brush with the law in their past. Many might have a more serious criminal conviction.

Reasons why having an unusual name is a good thing

Why having an unusual name is a good thing

Do you have an unusual name which people often remark on? Gone are the days when every baby born was called William, John, Mary or Elizabeth. 21st parents are much more adventurous when it comes to naming their offspring.