Basic Disclosure Checks and Documentation

It’s a common misconception that applying for basic disclosure checks is a hassle. It’s certainly true that there’s some admin and paperwork involved. But it doesn’t have to be incredibly time consuming. One of the aspects which causes concern is evidence and proof of identity. It doesn’t have to be complicated, as long as you […]

DBS Checks and Age Limits

It sounds like a very simple question. How do you define a child? Legally though, there is no straightforward answer. In England, children over the age of 10 have criminal responsibility, meaning they can be prosecuted if they commit a crime. In Scotland, the age of criminal responsibility is 12. Or does a child become […]

Levels of DBS Checks Explained

It’s natural to feel some degree of confusion over the different levels of DBS checks. For a start, the system has changed name over the years. We used to talk about Criminal Records Bureau, or CRB checks. Now it’s the Disclosure and Barring Service. To complicate matters further, there are different systems with separate names […] © 2019