DBS Checking for Careers in Banking

If you don’t know much about the DBS checking system, then you probably think it’s all about people working with children. Although it’s certainly true that those workers need DBS checks, this is just part of the story. There are three different levels of DBS checks carried out. If you’re thinking of a career in […]

DBS Turnaround Times – Winners and Losers

Every quarter the government releases figures showing how quickly police forces are turning around DBS checks. It’s fair to say that there are huge differences in how quickly checks are processed. How is your local police force doing, and how long are you going to have to wait for your next disclosure check? DBS Checking […]

Getting a DBS Check on an Overseas Worker

The DBS check process in England and Wales is fairly straightforward. There are strict rules governing what you have to do, and in which order. Although the bodies doing the checking in Northern Ireland and Scotland are separate, the process is broadly similar. Applicants fill in a form, prove their identity, then the details they […] © 2019